How has the CSR Dialogforum developed in the course of time?

In 2011, the CSR Dialogforum saw a further development from a loose economic network to a non-profit organisation dealing with sustainable economy and uniting entrepreneurial people.

Growth from 2013 to 2018

How has the CSR Dialogforum enlarged its stakeholder dialogue?

  • The CSR Dialogforum has established a Supervisory Board and a Science Board and has gathered co-opted “honorary” members and various international economic partners around itself.
  • Thanks to the consultative status at the United Nations, the CSR Dialogforum has become a network of experts focusing on Excellence.
  • Thanks to strategic alliances based on competence, we understand ourselves as a sparring partner for companies when it comes to helping them to implement international standards and regulations and thus achieve a competitive edge (growth strategy).

From 2016 to 2018, the competence based network of the CSR Dialogforum was enlarged by strategic cooperation with Quality Austria as an international competence partner for certifications in the field of Excellence, the Wirtschaftsverlag, a publishing house specialised in sustainability issues, as well as the Österreichisches Zentrum für Nachhaltigkeit, (Austrian Centre for Sustainability).

Since 2018, the CSR Dialogforum has been represented in the Österreichischer Rat für nachhaltige Entwicklung (Austrian Council for Sustainable Development) in its role as a network of experts and economic network.