Dr. Friedhelm Boschert (Hon. Prof. FH)

Founder and Managing Director Mindful Finance Institute,
Oikocredit Support Association Austria


Mindful Finance Institute – SDG-Impact brings the boost in CSR!

The Mindful Finance Institute supports the mindset change and the cultural transformation in the finance industry based on neuroscientific findings with the use of mindfulness methods and concepts of conscious behavioral change. Advanced CSR is actually not possible anymore without taking the SDGs into consideration. We address the practical implementation together with companies in the basis of the SDG-Impact-Management-System. Thereby companies profit from our longlasting experience in the field of Social Impact Investment.

Copyright: Katharina Schiffl

Anna Köhl

Co-Founder endlich.co


endlich. supports people, companies and organisations in order to design future-proof transformation. We see ourselves as agents of circular innovation & transformation and do not relax on the status-quo of our linear business model. On the contrary: we stand for positive economical, ecological and social transformation. We are active in two fields: consulting and education. In consulting, we focus on circular business models to shape sustainable strategies – economical and ecological – for the future together. In education we have created the online diploma curriculum CIRCULAR ECONOMY PIONEER in order to enable an easy but indepth access into the exciting field of circular economy.


Kreutzer, Bernhard MBA

Bernhard Kreutzer, MBA

CSO GreenOnion GmbH


Green Onion – the world of tomorrow is sustainable!

More sustainability guarantees success! We unite three megatrends to one „sweet spot“ for SMEs who already know that sustainability is the essential possibility for a sucessful future. Find measures and implement them with a low investment of time and money in order to bring the company on track for reporting demands and compliant sustainability. And to persist as modern and forward-looking in the eyes of your employees, clients, banks and neighbours.

Dr. Christoph Musik

Managing Director Acker Österreich gemeinnützige GmbH


Acker (field) – more appreciation for nature and food!

Acker develops educational programs and concepts aiming at a sustaianbale impact on our society. Our multi-annaul and multiply awarded educational programs for nurseries and schools are at the core of our work: on their private land, children and youth experience directly where the food on our plates comes from and how many ressources are part of fresh food. Nurseries are reached via the program AckerRacker , schools via the programGemüseAckerdemie.

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Rautenberg, Carolin

Carolin Rautenberg

Co-Founder Enviro Kids Organization




The Envirokids Organization based in Mwanza, Tanzania, focuses on nature conservation. we are known for environmental education and raising awareness within the community for the environment with a focus on youth. Envirokids helps the community to create better and more accessible environmental education and supports actions to avoid climate change which is a global challenge. In order to reach our target, we share best practices and inspire people for the protection of the environment.