Sustainability is a vision and needs a strong network for co-operation and innovation!

The CSR Dialogue Forum is a non-profit organisation accredited by the United Nations and active in advisory status.

  • The CSR Dialogue Forum is a competence center for people who share a common goal: sustainable action in business and society.
  • We see economic and social change towards sustainability as a great opportunity.
  • Our community focuses on dialogue, networking, know-how transfer, innovation and transformation.
  • Our actions are based on the promotion and creation of framework conditions that allow a sustainable culture to develop in business and society.
  • This also includes the conceptual design and implementation of sustainable projects together with partners and the awarding of the first international eccos²²® seal of Quality for Excellence in Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility.
  • We have an international network of experts, especially in the DACH region.

We see ourselves as a competence centre for integrated sustainability and have positioned ourselves as an international network. Members of our scientific and expert advisory board support us on our journey with their specialist expertise. As we see cooperation as a core factor for the transformation towards integrated sustainability, we are happy to work together with interested people and organisations to create exciting synergies and achieve a greater positive impact.

EU Action Plan for the Social Economy

New impetus for non-profit enterprises from Europe: the “EU Action Plan for the Social Economy” Non-profit companies make a major and important contribution in Europe and around the world. In December 2021, the EU Commission focussed on this topic with the “Action Plan for the Social Economy”. The Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, Nicolas…

Times of crisis are times of learning

“The central question of the 21st century is the ecological question, after the last 150 years or so have been characterised by the social question,” says Prof. Dr Harald Welzer. He describes times of crisis as times of learning, because our knowledge opens up room for manoeuvre. Find out more in the October 2021 lecture…

“Corporate sustainability” requirement: anchor it now with enterprise architecture!

Numerous international guidelines (ISO 26000, OECD guidelines, GRI requirements, etc.), the SDGs, the EU Green Deal, etc. focus on the sustainable development of the environment, society, politics and the economy. Companies that align themselves with a sustainable, fair economic system have many opportunities. Legislators have also set up legal milestones such as mainly the EU…