Our positioning

We are a leading international center of excellence that focuses its activities on sustainability as a constructive member of society in an increasingly globalised world and thus makes its contribution to a sustainable economy and society. The experts and scientists on our advisory boards support us with their expertise and help to shape the necessary transformation. Together with our strategic partners, we provide a broad spectrum of information and offers relating to sustainability and connect companies and people in order to create a positive impact.

The CSR Dialogforum focuses on the dissemination and integration of international sustainability standards. The aim is to implement sustainable management issues on the basis of corporate social responsibility (corporate management with values and a professional management system). With the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs for short) as impact goals, the aim is also to integrate sustainability into business and society.


Through our activities, we support the dissemination of all SDGs and focus in particular on:

4 – Quality education

5 – Gender Equality

8 – Decent work and economic growth

12 – Responsible consumption and production patterns

13 – Climate action

17 – Partnerships to achieve the goals

The EU Green Deal – how will Europe become climate-neutral by 2050?

It was first presented in December 2019 and is now taking shape: Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s Green Deal. The goal of this ambitious future scenario is a climate-neutral Europe by 2050. Similar to the 17 SDGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals), there are also overlaps and interactions in this plan that need to be taken into account. The 17 SDGs should also be supported with the Green Deal, as they form the global roadmap to a sustainable future for all.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

(Nelson Mandela)

Our Values

The joy of shaping

We see ourselves as a competence centre and think tank for sustainable business with a strong stakeholder and impact orientation. We are happy to support and implement innovative projects together with cooperation partners that drive the necessary transformation towards sustainability in practice.

Setting off for new shores

A dedicated team guarantees that we are enthusiastic about the future of our organisation. We are convinced that the necessary transformation can succeed if all stakeholders work together. That is why we are constantly expanding our network to include new experts, partnerships and alliances.

Bringing diversity to life

Diversity is visible in our international network, which consists of people in numerous countries and in a wide variety of roles in science and business.

“If not us – who? If not now – when?”

(John F. Kennedy)