We would really like to thank you for your great collaboration and support within the eccos22 goes international initiative. Therefore, we are pleased we can also provide you with the latest news of the AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA (FOREIGN TRADE AUSTRIA) in our NEWS SECTION.

AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA supports each step your organization takes beyond the Austrian borders. 660 experts in more than 110 bases on five continents and 140 experts in Austria are ready to make information on countries, knowledge of industries and sectors and partner networks available to you. In your markets and your sectors, AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA knows the playmakers and players, the constellation of your competitors’ teams, the rules and the referees. AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA builds linguistic and cultural bridges, helps you to establish contacts to trustworthy service providers, plans the start with you, coaches you until the end and will help you in-between. In most cases, it will be a question of export.


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