Wikom GmbH

Wikom GmbH (Ltd.) is operating in Human Resources and educational management and is a strategic partner of the CSR Dialogforum. Together with the clients, AMS (“Arbeitsmarktservice” – Labour Exchange) and the Province of Upper Austria, Wikom will be pleased to support you by consultants and coordinators helping you to recruit the right people.

New strategic partnership: BVL (Bundesvereinigung Logistik Österreich – Austrian Federal Association for Logistics)

Under the motto “Together we are stronger”, we are glad about our strategic partnership with the largest industry network in Austria, BVL (the “Bundesvereinigung Logistik Österreich” – Austrian Federal Association for Logistics). The goal consists in jointly aligning all the trends and activities that are useful and basically follow principles of market economy to ecological…

The “Wirtschaftsverlag”

The “Österreichischer Wirtschaftsverlag” (Austrian Publishing House dealing with Economics and Business) has been a strategic cooperation partner of the CSR Dialogforum for many years. In this respect, the partnership is strongly focused on a media cooperation.

cooperation partner BOARD SEARCH

BOARD SEARCH introduces itself BOARD SEARCH is a provider for supervisory bodies, advisory bodies, foundation boards and foundation board members, administrative board members or, in general, members of organs for supervisory and controlling bodies of a “new generation” that act at a professional level. BOARD SEARCH, which was established in 2013, resorts to long-standing experience…

New strategic partnership: “Österreichisches Zentrum für Nachhaltigkeit” (Austrian Centre for Sustainability)

The partnership and close cooperation between the CSR Dialogforum and the Austrian Centre for Sustainability promotes the international relations and strengthens cooperations as well as projects serving to drive sustainable development in Austria.   What is the Austrian Centre for Sustainability like? The Austrian Centre for Sustainability is the expert organisation and network relating to…

Book publication “CSR und Organization Management”

Herausgeber: Schram, Brunhilde; Schmidpeter, René (Hrsg.)
Erscheinungstermin: 12.10.2016

CSR Dialogue Forum raised to the consultative status of the UN

Seit Juli 2016 ist das CSR Dialogforum jetzt offiziell im konsultativen Status der Vereinten Nationen. Diese Ernennung wurde vom Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) durchgeführt.

Congress “World Market Leaders in Austria” – Priority CSR

How do organizations successful worldwide face the challenges of globalization, digitization and other mega-trends? On November 9 & 10, 2016, the congress World Market Leaders in Austria in the “Tagungszentrum” (Conference Centre) Schönbrunn in Vienna, Austria, Europe, gives the opportunity of learning from and with the best. The Austrian companies most successful on an international…

Successful cooperation with “ÖkoBusinessPlan Wien”

In cooperation with “ÖkoBusinessPlan” (the Viennese subsidizing programme serving to support sustainable alignment of organizations), the CSR Dialogue Forum has drawn up a pilot project. Similarly to the module “Sustainable products and services”, this project includes contents offering consulting services in the field of “sustainable economy”. Within this pilot project, the CSR Dialogue Forum is…

CSR Conference Cologne 2016 (1.-3.08.2016)

Bei der 3.ten internationalen Konferenz für CSR, Sustainability, Ethics & Governance „Sustainability as New Business Paradigm“ war das Motto der Nachhaltigkeitskonferenz 2016 in Köln.