Sustainability in urban development – projects supporting SDG 11/ Sustainable Cities and Communities

Urbanisation is expanding globally. While population growth in former centuries was a rural phenomenon, today it is taking place mainly in cities. In the mid-20th century, 30% of people were living in urban centres worldwide. Today, the ratio is over 50% – trend still rising. Until 2050 it is estimated that approx.. 80% of the world population will be living in cities. The 32 year-old entrepreneur, manager and family father Daniel Paparella designs and builds high-class social living spaces since 2014 within the metropolitan area of Munich, Germany. He is highly engaged in redensification in urban areas and sustainable building. His father in law, Prof. Peter Schuck, architect und designer, is developing concepts for sustainable building that saves resources (e.g. Skyhouse). This combination of young and old, creativity and experience combined with business vision brings along extraordinary synergies that only wait to be implanted. Find out more on