• Quality Seal for Business Excellence that is recognized on an international scale
  • a tool supporting international organizations in generating orders in export
  • suitable lever for design in times of crisis
  • a tool helping innovation pioneers to stand out
  • a tool helping to implement sustainable management as a business model

eccos²² is the first Quality Seal for Excellence in Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility. eccos²² has been developed in cooperation with Quality Austria und while considering international ECOSOC Standards (Economic and Social Council). Thus an internationally recognized rating has been elaborated. This rating includes the review, measurability and control of information that is non-financial and refers to diversity.

eccos²² supports international organizations in generating orders in export and at international requests for quotation. eccos²² serves to evidence a sustainable way of doing business and entrust independent third parties with assessing the organization’s innovative power and fitness for the future.

The international Quality Seal acknowledges CSR Business Excellence in four categories and thus guarantees competitive advantages and innovation drivers.

Drive profit with positive impact.