How to apply for the award

The way to the eccos²² Quality Seal leads over a multi-phase process. At the beginning, there are a personal interview serving to inform you and a subsequent interview serving to analyze your organization’s current situation. These interviews will take approx. four hours and serve to discuss and clarify all the requirements and basic conditions as well as the organisation’s status quo. After this preliminary review made by independent assessors, it will be clarified whether and at what moment a main assessment will be useful. Independent assessors of Quality Austria as well as certified analysts and coaches will review all factors relevant for awarding. In line with the claim of eccos²², awarding of the Quality Seal cannot be promised in advance. This will be clarified during the interview serving to analyze the organization’s current situation. However, an application will pay off, at any rate. After all, the activities of the Examination Team will already help you to learn valuable lessons about your organization’s fitness for the future.

8. Annual progress review
7. Awarding of the Quality Seal
6. Review made by the Steering Group
5. Conduct of the Quality Seal
4. Self-Assessment
3. Workshop with Top Management
2. Preliminary talk, incl. analysis
1. Inquiry

Valuable lessons.