Objectives of eccos²²

  • dealing with resource consumption in order to uncouple it from growth;
  • dealing with social innovation and productiveness;
  • dealing with corporate management helping to save energy and guarantee good housekeeping with resources;
  • dealing with corporate management at a high diversity;
  • dealing with the quality of the relationship with the stakeholders on the different markets;
  • dealing with increasing unsteadiness and unplannability

Targets of eccos²²

  • optimizing the “learning organization” as to enhance social innovation, agility and energy efficiency; motto: “uncoupling growth from resource consumption”;
  • increasing the employees’ sense of responsibility and autonomy/readiness to perform and commitment by involving them in the process initiated;
  • cost related and competitive advantages enabled by the facts that CSR is dealt with and the company’s quality is reviewed;
  • working at the company’s Unique Selling Point while considering environmental and social aspects

Generally dealing with sustainability and the fitness for the future, different topics and stakeholders:

  • leadership, strategy and concepts;
  • employees, partnerships and resources;
  • processes;
  • key results;
  • effectiveness
  • company analysis and review of excellence accompanied by annual assessments of progress;
  • professional written feedback relating to the status quo of sustainability, which is given by certified assessors and experts;
  • award that is recognized on an international scale and implies a federal Quality Seal, (which is awarded by Quality Austria and the CSR Dialogue Forum);
  • basic communication package (media service), which is supported by the “Wirtschaftsverlag”, and admission to the Business Excellence Cluster

target group

  • organizations operating in import and export on an international scale in production and the service sector;
  • organizations that want to expand their international B2B (business-to-business) operations and be regarded as being Austria’s sustainable world class partners;
  • organizations that want to proactively design their business performance so that their acceptability among public authorities is increased and lenders and investors show their interest in the organization
  • intensive increase in contract opportunities in international business in the public sector and in B2B (business-to-business);
  • increase in acceptability and confidence among public authorities, banks and public donors;
  • increase in transparency in the supply chain and minimizing of risk;
  • cost and competitive advantages enabled by uncoupling resource consumption from growth;
  • professionalization of the stakeholder dialogue in order to strengthen the relations to the market;
  • starting an internal project for self-organized and self-controlled organizational learning with the aim to increase autonomy and the readiness to perform and commitment

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