eccos²² provides a Quality Seal based on international standards and regulations relating to the evidence of sustainable economy and the assessment of the company’s fitness for innovation and for the future by third parties. The objective consists in expanding a company’s Unique Selling Point by means of social innovation within the company and enabling the company to come to terms with changes in the fields of reporting, new rules for the financial and investment sectors, changed procurement criteria, quality related rating and social change.


These current developments can be seen as follows:

Changed international procurement guidelines and directives for international requests for quotation.

These guidelines and directives require a relief of the environment and social value added.

New rules for the financial and investment sectors.

e.g. equator principles at credit assessments

International B2B (business-to-business) and quality rating, which is focused on the relief of the environment and social categories, effectiveness and measurability.

New reporting duties in terms of social and environmental issues.